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The first time most people put on inline skates they say that it looks much easier than it is. We recommend lessons for any new skater and for skaters wanting to increase their skill level. Inline skating becomes a lot more fun when you are relaxed on the skates and have a sense of control over the wheels.

Free Clinics
WAR's Rock Creek Park Clinic
What better way to learn how to skate than WAR's free clinic? While not intended to be a full service skating school, several volunteers including USSG certified instructors meet here on a weekly basis to teach basic and intermediate skills and useful skating techniques.
WAR Homepage>WAR Resources>Lessons>WAR Clinic is a coalition of skate schools providing free inline skating lessons on Free Skate Lesson Day, May 12th in 2007, in major cities across America. The goal is to introduce more people to our sport and absolutely no experience is required to take a free lesson. Register now to participate in Free Skate Lesson Day and make inline skating your new activity for 2007. If you are not able to attend Free Skate Lesson Day on May 12th, your local skate school will provide a two-for-one free lesson discount for you
Skate Schools
Skater's Quest
an inline skating company devoted to promoting the sport in all of its disciplines. It is our goal to provide dynamic, high quality, affordable inline skating events, educational and promotional programs for all ages and ability levels in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area and throughout the United States
PRO-Skate (Warrenton, VA)
Owned and operated by WAR member: Bill Hicks, USSG Certified Instructor
Skate U (Silver Spring, MD)
Skate School Run by Jane Beech, USSG Certified Instructor and WAR member. Jane is an experienced instructor who offers Group Lessons, Clinics, Trail Skates, Private Lessons, and regularly volunteers with local skate patrol.
Skating Tours/Camps
Zephyr Inline Skate Tours
The first full-time inline skate touring company in the world. They also have skating camps and multi-sport adventure trips.
Internet Skating Tips
Double Push Sites
The Double-Push is a racing stride. Favored for it's efficiency, this maneuver includes pushing from both the outside and inside edge. See this page for links that explain this technique.
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