Most events meet in front of the White House on the closed-off section of Pennsylvania Ave. between 15th and 17th Streets NW. Parking is usually not too difficult at these meeting times.
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Skates will be held if no precipitation is occurring and the road surface is dry or drying. If you are in doubt or just want information about an event contact the event leader or call 202-466-5005.

Events are free, except for certain trips and other special events. Newcomers are welcome and encouraged to check out several events before joining.

Group Skates

Please note that all skates are in traffic to some extent. WAR highly recommends taking lessons or attending a clinic in Rock Creek Park before attempting to street skate. One should also have a grasp of fundamentals of skating such as striding, crossover-turns and stopping.

Because of Washington's moderately hilly terrain, one should have mastered at least two kinds of braking (e.g., heel braking, T-stopping, power slides, snowplowing, etc.) and be able to brake on a hill of at least 30-degrees before participating.

With the exception of the Friday evening skate, which is a simple monument loop, each route is determined by that skate's leader.

A brief description of each skate, in order of difficulty:

Beginner Skate. Friday evening (daylight savings time only)
Leaves White House at 7:15 p.m. -- 5 miles, finishes around 9. This skate keeps a leisurely pace on generally flat terrain through light traffic, but also includes the downhill going from the Washington Monument down 15th St. to the Jefferson Memorial.

Intermediate Skate. Sunday morning (year-round)
Leaves White House at 12:15 p.m. -- 8-10 miles, finishes around 2. This skate keeps a fairly challenging pace that is designed to be a workout for an average skater. The terrain includes some moderate hills such as those found on Capitol Hill and may include high-traffic areas such as Georgetown.

Advanced-Intermediate and Advanced. Wednesday evening (year-round)
Leaves White House at 7 p.m. -- 10-14 miles, 2 hours. Some big hills, some heavy traffic.

Advanced. Sunday afternoon (year-round)
Leaves White House at 12:15 p.m. -- 15-20+ miles, 3 hours. This skate is for skaters that enjoy a fast pace, big hills, and heavy traffic.

Other Weekly Events

Saturday Skate Clinic, 12:15pm, Rock Creek Park (daylight savings time only)
The WAR Skate Clinic in Rock Creek Park runs from April through October. Please invite your friends and associates for beginner to intermediate level lessons given by our enthusiastic WAR volunteer instructors. These lessons are capped off by a short skate in the park where we will review the "rules of the road" to get these students ready for our Friday night skates. Volunteer instructors are always in demand. Think about participating; we will train you. Meet at the first parking lot (picnic area #6) just north of Military Road and Beach Drive. Contact Joe Kramer for more info.
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